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‘Grand Guitars‘, the renowned guitar expert magazine, included a detailed feature on Rischke Guitars and models '261' and '262' in their 2/2016 issue (published end of February).

The guitars sound as outrageously good as they look exotic, and are made from the finest components too. These are ... no guitars for eccentric posers, these are absolutely world-class instruments for serious musicians. And luthier Rischke really means it, as reveal the exceptional crafting quality as well as the techniques employed (all handwork).
This commands my respect, my great respect indeed.
Wood meets wire
Mr Rischke refers to his instruments as 'rock guitars', so it's clearly a job for the Marshall.
And yes, what has been said is instantly verified, and it becomes clear: here is someone at work who knows what he is doing. The neck PU delivers a sleek, or better, 'prickly' Hendrix as confident as a clean and smooth jazz tone, and the bridge PU helps the guitar to meet its ambition to rock. Fat, but never muffled and always with fine resolution, it delivers all from the Australian rock axe to warm fusion sounds to rather extreme metal – the proper playing techniques assumed. These guitars are really versatile, and those who are not inclined to believe it may just treat themselves to the YouTube clips of Professor Werner Neumann from Leipzig ... The master's fusion lines sound excitingly delicious on these funky guitars.

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Special thanks to Christian Jäger, for providing the image of Knorkator for this review.